Tuesday is an opinionated but brilliant calico cat. She suffers from mild food-related PTSD as a result of the traumatic loss of her original home; the outside world was woefully short on kibble. When the Animal Shelter workers arrived to rescue her, she ran to them, rubbed against their pant legs and begged for food.

Five years after her rescue from the shelter, she still has to be fed tiny portions, because she hoovers up anything edible so quickly her stomach has no time to expand. Regular-sized meals are returned to sender in short order, and that depresses everybody, especially Tuesday.

Tuesday’s intuitive grasp of physics continues to stun and amaze her adopted family. Most cats don’t understand the principles of refraction and reflection; Tuesday knows what mirrors are for and uses them to peek around corners and spy on people. A cat who knows exactly when to leap out and grab an ankle has it all her own way.

Tuesday’s family loves to read science fiction and watch SF and superhero movies. The only movie scene Tuesday enjoys is the ‘FOOD’ monologue in “Over the Hedge.”

Tuesday’s best friend is–well, it’s not our daughter’s dog Himeko. She knows that for sure.